The Most Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 40

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Boy, what a difference a hairstyle can make.   A couple years ago I got a haircut that was a hair "don't" instead of "do".  In the first photo my color was too dark and the short poufy style wasn't flattering on me.  The photo next to it shows the difference when I grew it an inch longer and added highlights - much better.  The third photo is how I wear my hair now - shoulder grazing with highlights around my face....what a difference!  If you've been thinking about getting a new do, I picked some flattering hairstyles for woman over 40.  If you're stuck in a hair rut (if you haven't changed your hair style in over 5 years) it might be time to try something new...


Super short: Halle Barry & Lisa Rinna 


If you're looking to perk up your face with easy, low maintenance hair, you can go super short and get a pixie like Hallie's for a look that puts your beautiful face on display. Her cut is boyish, modern and easy care.   You could also go short with a modern shag that is a tad bit longer and styled away from the face like Lisa's.  Her choppy layers really flatter her bone structure.  Short cuts like these call for  Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Pudding - perfect for keeping your short tyle in place.


Short Bob: Cameron Diaz & Diane Sawyer 


A short bob defies age!  This is a great cut for those with fine hair as there aren't as many layers so the hair looks fuller.  Short bobs are great worn toussled for a sexy bed head look like Cameron's or soft and elegant like Diane's (stunning at age 67).  As with any good hair cut, keeping your hair in tip top shape is key.  GLOSS Moderne Luxury Hair Care 4-Piece Set will help transform your hair into a healthy, shiny mane with its sulfate-free formula that is infused with keratin to make your hair reflect how beautiful you feel!


Long Bob with Bangs: Michelle Obama & Heidi Klum


Bangs or Botox?  This is a question many women ask themselves when they hit a certain age.  I choose bangs! Many of you have heard me say I'm afraid of needles so injectables aren't an option for me. This hair cut has movement and face framing fringe that can be styled in several different ways.  My best styling tip:  Use Amika Clip-Free Curling Iron with Travel Set for your curls  and the Amika Obliphica Ceramic Styler with Travel Case for your sleek style!  Whether you wear your hair piecey like Michelle's or sleek like Heidi's - forget the botox and try an ultra flattering Bob with bangs!


Shoulder Grazer with Side Bang: Tina Fey & Kate Capshaw 


To flatter your bone structure and to give your hair some texture, try a shoulder grazing length with a side sweep.  This style can be loose and free like Tina's or more seductive like Kate's!  Since faces are not completely symmetrical, a side swept bang is very flattering on pretty much everyone!  David Evangelista Styling Duo has a leave-in conditioner to detangle knots and a texturizing cream to add texture and volume to your do!


Long & Straight: Jennifer Aniston & Christie Brinkley


Hair tends to thin as we age.  If you have full, healthy hair - don't be afraid to flaunt it!  Long, straight, sleek, and shiny are all adjectives for dream hair.  Jennifer and Christie (Christie Brinkley is age 59 - wow!!!) prove that you can still look incredible with longer lengths past forty,  The key to wearing your hair long and straight is having your hair in tip top condition.  To get this look, try Salon by Sally Hershberger Keratin Fix which infuses your hair with keratin to keep in strong, super shiny, and feeling like pure silk!  


Long, Layered & Wavy: Jaclyn Smith & Nicole Kidman 


When you see long, layered, and wavy hair your mind can immediately think "goddess"!  Long waves and highlights are very flattering and at age 67, Jaclyn Smith still looks amazing.   She curls hair away from her face to open it up for a soft, youthful look.  Nicole embraces her natural curls with loose waves that start by her cheekbones.  The key is to this look is to have healthy, strong hair.  Start your beauty routine from the inside out with Andrew Lessman Healthy, Hair, Skin & Nails. These vitamins help boost your hair and nail growth and make your skin glow - what more can a girl ask for?


So are you feeling inspired to try something new?  What hair "Do" is right for you?





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  • Patti Saturday, 13 July 2013

    ugh, hair troubles!

    You are certainly right about your hair! That first hairdo made you look so much older. Your style now is perfect, and very flattering. I am dying for a new hairdo, but even with these ideas, I am still in the dark. I can't wear short hair, I can't wear bangs, and I can't afford coloring/highlighting all the time! And I am super scared to trust my hair with a total stranger! How in the world can someone find a really good stylist? Oh, well!

  • Colleen Lopez Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Hi Patti!

    Hi Patti, I completely understand - it's hard to find someone you trust with your hair. Here's what to do - if you see someone who's hair you love, ask her who her stylist is. This way you'll see their work first hand and it will give you confidence. Next - bring in photos. Show your stylist what you'd like your hair to look like. A shoulder length bob with a side swept bang might be a good look for you to try. Good Luck, Patti! XO

  • kathy Saturday, 13 July 2013

    best impulsive cut!

    i loved it when Sammy was on and cut your hair on air!! was a great cut!!

  • Colleen Lopez Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Hi Kathy

    It was a great cut - just not on me! I love Sammy!

  • sue ralbovsky kohn Saturday, 13 July 2013

    You look beautiful!

    I work with babies so my hair is always pulled back. I think for me I am happy with my hair cut it is finding the right color. I can't always go to the hair dresser as I have not the finances to do so, so I do a box color. I think truly the highlights do help because you can place them where they work best for your facial features. ( which I do not have) You look great Colleen. By the way I have noticed a difference in my mails since purchasing Andrews Healthy hair skin and nails I am sure my hair has also benefited from it as well, although my hair has always been one of my pluses, I purchased it more for my nails...I am excited to see the difference! Love reading your blogs!

  • Karen Robertson Strain Saturday, 13 July 2013


    I am going to try the hair milk pudding. I have short curly hair. Does it really work?

  • Colleen Lopez Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Hi Sue!

    You have such a wonderful job! I think you're smart for keeping your hair long enough to pull it back for work (I like to wear my hair up too, which is one reason I don't like it too short). There are so many great at home hair coloring products and I know you can find one for highlights. My colorists uses a base color to match my own roots color and they applies the highlights. Get a friend to help you and try a flew small highlights just around your face - you may love it! Good luck!

  • Kimberly Thibodeaux Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Love your hair, Colleen!

    I love how you wear your hair now, Colleen! It is so flattering on you, and the color and highlights are lovely. I'm lucky enough to still have good hair, so I'm wearing it long and straight. I always say I'll keep it long until it just doesn't "work"--plus, my husband loves it! Great blog, Colleen!

  • Janey Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Longer hair

    I have grown my hair longer as I had a type of lisa rinna cut but found as I got older my face looked chubbier (I am in my 50s now and never expected to go longer). Now its on my shoulders, darker and very wavy which I like but I love to wear it straight as well. I can never seem to find the right product which will keep it smooth and combat the frizz in the humid months so I will have a look on HSN to see what products I can try. I love your hair now Colleen and the color is perfect on you, I think I may try more highlights round my face for the Fall.

  • Colleen Lopez Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Thanks Kimberly!

    I agree - if you're blessed with great hair, like you are, there's no need to cut it!! My husband likes my hair longer, too :-) Have a great weekend!! XO

  • Laurie Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Great styles !

    I change my hair style all of the time. I get my hair cut every 5-6 weeks depending on the length. I have dark blond with blond highlights forever. But, just got low-lights, did not do anything for my hair. My stylist does a wonderful cut, but afraid not the greatest with color. I have fine, thin hair so she knows what works best. Do you get full color then highlights ? You have color is always beautiful.

  • Colleen Lopez Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Hi Laurie!

    Your hair sounds great - I love that you can change it up and it sounds like you have a stylist you can trust! My stylist uses a warm brown to touch up my roots (he uses a color to match my own natural color which is light brown so I don't have to do all over color). He then foils in two colors - low lights and high lights - This gives my hair some dimension. Thanks so much for your message and have a great weekend! XO

  • Colleen Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Not everyone should go short!

    I get so frustrated with that outdated myth that if you are over 40 you simply MUST cut your hair. Not everyone looks good in short hair. Not everyone can wear long hair. You have always had beautiful longer hair, and you found a flattering cut and color that works beautifully for you. I am 54 and I wear my hair past my shoulders with bangs as it is what is most flattering for me. I have no intention of cutting it. It's all about what looks best on the individual, not what someone says you SHOULD do.

  • 688f3 Monday, 01 June 2015

    Totally agree!!

    I am a retired hairdresser. At 62, I can pass easily for 45. No plastics or fillers; just good genes and good skin care. I look awful with shorter hair. My hair is just slightly longer than Colleen's, and I have bangs. It looks good on me and I can put it up when I want/need to. And I never, ever gave the "hairstyles for women over 40" book to anyone to look at for ideas. Not everyone looks good with short hair like Lisa Rinna,or in Cameron's chin length Bob. Wear you hair the way YOU like it, how it looks good on YOU, not how some old rules dictate.

  • Pam Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Hair Changer

    I am certainly not afraid to try something new. I think I've been every haircolor under the sun (including egglant - oy) and I've had short, long and medium lenght hair. I'm all over the place. I have thin, fine and poker straight hair and for me, I find layers do much better. I've done the all one length bob and my hair laid flat against my head. now i have more of a layered bob with bangs and it's better.

    I am another who thinks it's a myth that once you get over 40, you have to go short. IMO, it has to do with you hair type and condition and keeping a current style, not age. I prefer my hair long enough to be able to pull it up but because of my hair type, I can't do too long because it looks stringy.

    Whatever you choose, have fun. I always figure, it'll grow!

  • Val Saturday, 13 July 2013

    Hair color

    I have to admit that I was getting my hair done the other day and I wanted to lighten it up and get rid of the red so I took out my I Pad and showed her a picture of you and said this is the color I want, can you get mine to look like this! LOL. I love your current cut and color.

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